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Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Completed under budget
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Tennessee Board of Regents

ý acted as the Construction Manager at Risk to construct transportation improvements, including roadways, parking lots, lighting, sidewalks, and other parking improvements. The work for Phase One included improving and widening Champions Way from north of Falkenberry Drive to Greenland Drive. Work also included improvements and widening of the roadway between Champions Way and Blue Raider Drive. These improvements included lighting, landscape and irrigation, utility relocation, construction of a bus shelter(s), and construction of two new roundabouts.

“ý’s experience in roadway construction and the CM/GC process was instrumental to the success of this project during design and throughout construction. The experienced staff in your office and in the field provided exceptional service to help keep the project on schedule while maintaining a safe environment for the vehicles and pedestrians. As a whole, this project was a great success and we look forward to future opportunities of working with ý.”

Michael Black - Vice President, Lose & Associates

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